Level: Technical


In this presentation, we will reveal the busted famous botnets from inside and outside, with all the original source code, files, and logic behind those criminals. By revealing this busted C&C servers, we will see and learn how serious they take this illegals’ business and we will have a chance to peek inside them.

The list of the busted botnets we will reveal in this presentation:

  • Inside Cryptolocker C&C server
  • Revealing Unique MitB Builder C&C Server
  • NAS Botnet Revealed *Inside Cryptolocker C&C server
  • Kins origin malware acting like a Real E-banking web app
  • Are 2 factor authentications enough to protect your money?

We will learn how advanced botnets are in the wild, how they function and how we managed to bust them. Also, we are going to publish the source code of a very advanced botnets which has the full capability with the back-end, front-end and 2FA. After this presentation, the attendees will have knowledge about botnets by practical peeking inside them. They will also learn the methods and techniques for unlocking and will have a better understanding of logic and attack methods. We are going to peak inside these famous botnets and their original files, we will see their attack logic and architecture design. We will share and exchange our past experience with real case scenarios. Also, we are going to reveal the full source code of an advanced Botnet, targeting 10 banks with live DEMO.


Senad Aruc is a seasoned cyber security professional with more than 10-years experience in: Incident management, CSOC and MSSP experience, IT Security, IDS & IPS, SIEM, Network and Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis.



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