Level: Technical


The only port open is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on a large number of hosts. You have a username and password for each of them, but signing in manually to each host would take days if not weeks. RDP has many bells and whistles, but what can help in this certain case? Come and let’s deliver commands or payloads over the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on a massive number of hosts.

What to expect? Attack scenario on hardened hosts where RDP is only open. Some of the authored tools will be presented, such as:


Vlatko Kosturjak is a security consultant at Diverto where he helps clients to reach desired security level(s). He likes to break and build, depending on the mood and time of day(night). Besides security, his passion is open and free software, so he authored many open-source offensive tools and contributed code to various free security software.

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