| March 4th, 2020

This year, a part of our organization team, our CTF creators, are preparing an infosec event 24/7/365 a day before BSides Ljubljana. The event will take place on Friday 3rd April 2020, location Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije:

12:00 – 16:00 | Presentations – Some of the main speakers: Chris Kubecka, Gorazd Božič (SI-CERT), Kaja Ciglic (Microsoft), Milan Gabor (Viris) and many others. The talks will be in Slovene language except for Chris Kubecka.

16:00 – | CyberNight – a CTF warm-up will be happening at CyberNight, starting at 16:00, for those of you interested in Capture the Flag at BSides Ljubljana event! It will be carried out in English language. Find more information here.

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