We are excited to announce BSides Ljubljana 2020 keynote and some already confirmed speakers and talks!

:: Keynote

Chris Kubecka: The Woman Who Smashed Terrorists When an Embassy is Hacked

:: Speakers and Talks

See Talks page.

The rest of the talks and workshops will be published soon. Like every year, you can expect the Lightning Talks section, so there is still a chance for you to participate.

The first batch of free tickets was already released, but you can expect two more rounds:

  • 2nd batch goes out on Monday the 24th of February at 10am (CET)
  • Last batch goes out on Monday the 9th of March at 10am (CET)

Be on time, because tickets go out very fast :) There is a huge interest in tickets, so we ask you to take the ticket only if you are sure you can come to the event.

A limited amount of Supporter Tickets is available if you want to secure a ticket for yourself and also contribute to this community event. We want to thank everyone who already got the supporter tickets!

For info and links, see Tickets page.

Call for Papers closed on 10th February and we thank everyone for submitting your papers! We are pleased to announce that we received 41 applications.

The team has started the review and notification process – please check your inboxes! If you haven’t heard from us yet, you will soon, so please stand by! Thank you.

As much as we would like to accept as many papers as possible, we won’t be able to due to space and time limitations – we are very sorry about that. But there will be more slots comparing to previous years.

Like every year, there will be also a Lightning Talks section, where you can present a shorter version of your presentation, as well as it is the chance for presenting something for everyone who did not submit a paper.

Soon we will start to publish BSides Ljubljana program. You can also follow updates on Twitter @BSidesLjubljana. If you tweet about the event, use hashtag #bsidesljubljana. You can also subscribe to the newsletter on the bottom right side of this page.

For everybody attending BSides Ljubljana, we prepared information related to the new venue Ljubljana Castle, travel, and accommodation if you are coming from abroad and planning to stay in Ljubljana for a few days. Please see Venue page.

Hello hackers, we haven’t been resting for the last 2+ months and have some exciting announcements:

:: Extended CFP Deadline ::

                              /   \       
 _                    )      ((   ))     (
(@)                  /|\      ))_((     /|\
|-|                 / | \    (/\|/\)   / | \                  (@)
| | ---------------/--|-voV---\`|'/--Vov-|--\-----------------|-|
|-|                     '^`   (o o)  '^`                      | |
| |                           `\Y/'                           |-|
|-|                                                           | |
| |               CfP EXTENDED TILL 2020/02/10                |-|
|-|                                                           | |
| |                                                           |-|
|_|___________________________________________________________| |
(@)          l   /\ /          \\       \ /\   l            `\|-|
             l /   V            ))       V   \ l              (@)
             l/                //             \I

If you’re still considering submitting a talk or workshop, we have great news: we’re extending Call for Papers submission deadline until 10th February 2020. Please see CFP page for info. *Spread the word!*

:: Announcing New Venue ::

Due to unfortunate events, we had to say goodbye to our beloved venue Poligon Creative Centre. We’re extremely sorry Poligon had to close its doors. It was one of Ljubljana’s coolest venues for this kind of events. We thank the community for hosting us for five years!

                                       ,.=,,==. ,,_
                      _ ,====, _    |I|`` ||  `|I `|
                     |`I|    || `==,|``   ^^   ``  |
                     | ``    ^^    ||_,===TT`==,,_ |
                     |,==Y``Y==,,__| \L=_-`'   +J/`
                      \|=_  ' -=#J/..-|=_-     =|
                       |=_   -;-='`. .|=_-     =|----T--,
                       |=/\  -|=_-. . |=_-/^\  =||-|-|::|____
                       |=||  -|=_-. . |=_-| |  =|-|-||::\____
                       |=LJ  -|=_-. . |=_-|_| =||-|-|:::::::
                       |=_   -|=_-_.  |=_-     =|-|-||:::::::
                       |=_   -|=//^\. |=_-     =||-|-|:::::::
                   ,   |/&_,_-|=||  | |=_-     =|-|-||:::::::
                ,--``8%,/    ',%||  | |=_-     =||-|-|%::::::
            ,---`_,888`  ,.'''''`-.,|,|/!,--,.&\|&\-,|&#:::::
           |;:;K`__,...;=\_____,=``           %%%&     %#,---
           |;::::::::::::|       `'.________+-------\   ``
          /8M%;:::;;:::::|                  |        `-------

Finding a new and perfect-match venue for BSides occupied us in the last few months and was challenging in many aspects. Finally, we have made the decision: dragons will be pwning >>> Ljubljana Castle <<< this year!

:: Tickets ::

Due to the venue space and sponsorship funds limitations, the number of tickets will be limited again. Like every year, we strive for tickets to be free of charge. They will be released in a few batches, the first one going out on Monday, 10th February at 10 a.m. (CET). The release dates of next batches will be announced in a while.

Follow @BSidesLjubljana and this website from time to time for all the updates. Ticket demand is high, so we ask you to take the ticket only if you are sure you can come to the event.

Stay tuned! BSides Ljubljana team

Special Xmas CTF challenge

| December 5th, 2019

Hello, infosec enthusiasts! To get ahead of holiday spirit, our community in Slovenia has organized a special Xmas themed CTF in December. There are many challenges regarding reverse engineering, web, Crypto, Cracking, etc.

If you believe that your community would be interested, feel free to share the link https://1337.bsidesljubljana.si

* Happy December hacking! *


P.S. Call for Papers for the 4th April 2020 6th edition of BSides Ljubljana is open until 20th January -> we would love to hear what exciting you have to share with the community.